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MSS-SP-119 Belled End Pipe Fittings

Belled end pipe fittings are EASIER to install than conventional buttweld pipe fittings

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Long & Extra Long Tangent Fittings

Tangent pipe fittings make process piping installations easier than conventional buttweld pipe fittings.

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Navy Deck Drains

 Bestweld Deck Drains are Grade-A Shock Test qualified and Hydro Test qualified.





For over 30 years, Bestweld has been providing Navy shipbuilders and the Maritime Industry with high quality, corrosion resistant, high pressure & high temperature fittings and deck drains. Bestweld is proud to be a long standing U.S. Navy Defense contractor. Our products contribute to the new construction and maintenance of Navy ships. Bestweld manufactures products that help Navy sailors successfully spread American values (Freedom and Democracy) across the world. Bestweld is a veteran owned and operated company that cares about the safety of our service men and women. We know the quality and dependability of our products directly contributes to sailors completing their assigned missions and returning home safely.




The abuses on today’s truck fittings and equipment are extreme, to say the least. Whether it be to pump corrosive materials (like fuel), load high pressure tanks, or transfer high temperature fluids the trucking industry depends on manufacturers to make quality fittings with long life cycles. Bestweld understands, and produces our fittings to meet, the requirements of truck manufacturers, engineers, and mechanics.



In the past, piping and pumping systems on most firetrucks were built from carbon steel or other materials susceptible to corrosion. Bestweld specializes in fittings for the trucking industry that are corrosion resistant Copper-Nickel (70/30, 90/10) and Stainless Steel (304L, 316L). When truck fittings are built with carbon steel and pump corrosive materials (like water from a fire hydrant) there is the potential for catastrophic failure of the onboard systems.




Bestweld understands Brewers are passionate about their work. Low quality fittings often result in marginal fitting performance and can negatively affect the quality of the final product or lead to unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs. Don’t set yourself up for lower quality product by using polypropylene material’s that can leak and/or break. German Brewers, American Brewers, Austrian Brewers and more, have been using stainless steel piping and Brewery Quality fittings, like Bestweld’s fittings for generations. Bestweld’s pipe fittings have been used in Brewers heating and cooling applications, cleaning and purging, domestic water supply, and product pipelines by everyone from top U.S. Brewers, like Anheuser Busch, to smaller more niche craft brewers.




You may be asking yourself, what do computer chip manufacturers and chemical manufacturers have in common? Well, for one thing, some of the same equipment is used to make both products. Chemical manufacturers and computer chip manufacturers have piping system requirements that exceed the typical corrosion applications. Internal surface roughness, usually measured as RA or RMS, is critical to these applications. Pockets and crevices on the ID at the weld and gouges/scratches on other ID surface areas provide potential for contaminating opportunities. Wall mismatch and misalignment can also be troublesome. Pipe with wall thickness on the low side of the tolerance welded to fittings on the high side of the wall thickness tolerance create additional places where contamination can occur.


Bestweld, Inc. is a veteran owned and operated company located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Over the years, Bestweld has grown from just two employees when it was incorporated in the 80’s to over 40 employees as of March 2020.


Bestweld provides high-quality, cost effective pipe fitting solutions through focusing on safety, quality and performance.

Website: Bestweld, Inc.

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