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SLIPNOT Perforated & Expanded Metal

SLIPNOT Perforated Metal Flex Grip

SLIPNOT® coated perforated plate provides continuous drainage and slip resistance for applications that are completely submerged in oils, water, grease, fats or any other slick additive. Perforated plate also allows for light and airflow.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Perforated Metal 

  • Allows for drainage, light, and air passage

  • Retrofits over existing structures with minimum effort

  • Flexes when walked on to prevent worker fatigue


SLIPNOT Perforated Metal


Steel perforated plates

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Caterpillar – East Peoria, IL

SLIPNOT Expanded Metal Grid Grip

SLIPNOT® coated flattened expanded metal is an ideal solution for renovating existing slippery areas. Expanded metal can easily be retrofitted over numerous materials, allowing air, light and liquids to flow through while providing maximum slip resistance.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Expanded Metal

  • Lightweight and easily adaptable to site conditions

  • Allows for drainage, light, and airflow

  • Can retrofit over existing structures with minimum effort


SLIPNOT Expanded Metal


Expanded metal retrofits

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Garlock Sealing – New York, NY

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