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SLIPNOT Grating and Plank 

SLIPNOT Grating 

SLIPNOT® slip resistant grating is available in multiple finishes and provides maximum traction even in the wettest and most oily of  environments.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Grating

  • Allows for drainage, light, and airflow

  • Able to span extended openings without additional support

  • Adaptable to heavy duty or light duty applications




Slip resistant galvanized steel grating

Industry: Water & Wastewater

Location: City of Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant – Monroe, MI


SLIPNOT® aluminum plank provides a durable, lightweight alternative to bar grating and fiberglass. Punched plank with a SLIPNOT anti-slip coating allows light and liquids to pass through, similar to bar grating, and provides the additional surface coverage and slip resistance needed to prevent slip and fall accidents. The flush top of plank provides maximum foot contact with excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Plank 

  • Extruded aluminum plank is more durable than standard aluminum bar grating

  • The reinforced ribbed supports are able to withstand vigorous environments and handling while retaining its shape

  • Can be fabricated in the field or workshop with standard techniques


SLIPNOT Aluminum Plank


Slip resistant aluminum rectangular punched plank

Industry: Government

Location: Pierce Manufacturing – Appleton, WI

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