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Foothold by SLIPNOT

A Superior Cleaner & Degreaser

Foothold by SLIPNOT® is a powerful water-based cleaner and degreaser formulated for use with SLIPNOT products and in all areas of your facility where you have slip and fall hazards.


Foothold replaces conventional heavy-duty degreasers in all-purpose cleaners used today to quickly power off the most stubborn greases and soils on walls, walking surfaces and equipment. Foothold puts worker safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront with a formulation that's highly concentrated, non-toxic and biodegradable neutral pH without dyes and harsh ingredients found in heavy duty cleaners and degreasers.

Advantages of Foothold by SLIPNOT

  • Environmentally Responsible – EPA approved and free of harsh ingredients such as butyl, phosphates, solvents, or caustic sodas.

  • Safe – Non-toxic, water-based cleaning

  • Effective – Cleans multiple surfaces, including flooring, walls, and equipment

  • Versatile – Wash rubber, metal, and epoxies without damage

  • Economical – Highly concentrated, Foothold reduces costs


Foothold Technical Data Sheet

Foothold Cleaning Instructions

Watch the simple 5-step Foothold cleaning process in this video above.

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