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SLIPNOT Floor Scale & Vault Covers

SLIPNOT Floor Scales

SLIPNOT provides a safe surface replacement for diamond plate on weighing systems such as Rice Lake Weighing System’s RoughDeck® SS and Auto Lift HE. SLIPNOT can apply their proprietary anti-slip technology to industrial scales that you provide or provide new anti-slip weighing systems. 

Advantages of SLIPNOT Floor Scales

  • Easily retrofitted onto existing floor scale assemblies

  • Increased worker performance by mitigating risk of slip and fall injuries

  • Enhanced finish option for floor scales in slippery industrial environments


SLIPNOT Floor Scales


Slip resistant surface on fabricated scale tops

Industry: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing

Location: Rice Lake Weighing Systems – Rice Lake, WI

SLIPNOT Vault & Manhole Covers

Utility companies, DOT’s and municipalities across the country specify SLIPNOT access hatches and manhole covers as a way to keep pedestrians and workers safe.  Non-slip vault covers and sidewalk doors create a high traction walking surface that helps eliminate slip and falls and expensive liability lawsuits.  Slip resistant access hatches are custom fabricated to meet job specifications.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Vault Covers

  • Long-term safety to pedestrians in all weather conditions

  • Designed to provide structural integrity for vehicle or pedestrian traffic

  • Quick turn-around time upon arrival


SLIPNOT Vault Covers


Aluminum vault covers for maintenance access

Industry: Government

Location: WW II Memorial – Washington, DC

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