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SLIPNOT Floor & Road Plates 

SLIPNOT Floor Plates 

 SLIPNOT® slip resistant plates are designed for applications requiring complete surface coverage, transforming the most demanding environments into safe and productive work zones. SLIPNOT plates provide a permanently safe alternative to slippery diamond plate.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Floor Plates 

  • Solid surface provides maximum traction area, continually meeting COF requirements

  • Many fabrication options and easily installed on project sites

  • Can retrofit over existing structures with minimum effort


SLIPNOT Floor Plates

Custom 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel Plates

Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Tweet Garot - Green Bay, WI

SLIPNOT Road Plates 

SLIPNOT® road plates are ideal for high traffic areas that can become slippery with water, oil, gasoline, and other substances. SLIPNOT traffic plates can be used to cover open trenches, sinkholes, and areas of road construction. They can quickly restore a jobsite back to pre-project conditions by bridging open excavations and trenches dug for drainage, cables, gas mains or water mains. SLIPNOT non-skid steel road plates can be used as a permanent structure or may be moved along as work progresses.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Road Plates 

  • Exceeds the most stringent federal, state, and local requirements for slip resistance

  • Durability of surface ensures maximum traction throughout life of installation and through multiple uses

  • Withstands heavy traffic use without loss of surface traction as experienced with paint-on options


SLIPNOT Road Plates


1-1/4" 304 Steel Road Plates

Industry: Infrastructure

Location: Ridgely Ave Bridge - Annapolis, MD

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