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SLIPNOT Floor Drain Covers

SLIPNOT® drain covers and trench drain covers are designed for environments where safety, efficiency and durability are critical. Many food and beverage processing plants use SLIPNOT stainless steel drain covers to create confident workspaces in wet, greasy, and slippery environments. SLIPNOT drain covers are grit free so they will not contaminate the end product or ruin expensive machinery.

SLIPNOT drain covers are also found in amusement parks, stadiums, automotive plants, and many other places where you live, work and play. Trench drain covers rest on an angle or frame and can be easily attached by saddle clips or grating clamps.


You can send in existing covers to SLIPNOT’s Detroit plant to have their patented, anti-slip technology applied or they can manufacture a SLIPNOT, slip-resistant drain cover to specifications.  Whether it’s a sanitary drain, catch basin drain or trench style drain, SLIPNOT can meet the requirements of any project.

Advantages of SLIPNOT Floor Drain Covers

  • Permanently safe replacement for bare metal or plastic temporary covers

  • Stainless steel drain covers are NSF registered for food processing facilities

  • Allows drainage while providing a slip resistant surface


SLIPNOT Floor Drain Covers


Stainless steel coating on drain covers

Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Kent Quality Foods, Inc. – Grand Rapids, MI

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